Australian Manufactures

Worked In-house

H&S Metalcraft acquires all their raw materials from Australian Manufactures such as BlueScope Steel.

It all arrives in flat sheet or straight form and is worked on in house. Cut, shaped, rolled, pressed, welded, and painted.

The Bases for the Fire Pits and Braziers are individually pressed by hand with our 200-tonne press. Each one is unique, a one-off, as they all press slightly differently making them truly unique, one-off pieces!
The following machines help us create our pieces.

Fibre Laser

Precision profile cutting of Metallic materials ensuring clean unwavered lines.

5 Axis Waterjet

Ability to process up to 200mm thick materials of all kinds, a true beast of a machine.

Sheet Roller

Rolling of all firepits and architectual products are processesd with our in house rollers.

200 Tonne Press

The companies true difference between mass produced items imported from overseas. We press all of our own Steel in house.

Press Brake

Have something that requires Bending?

Incorperating Smarts into designs to Minimize welding and Strengthening our products is something we are passionate about.

Bare Hands

Still very much a part of our business, coming from a long running metal manufacutring background, hand skills and ability to process products outside of the norm makes us stand out from the rest.