Unleash the flavour with a smoker BBQ this summer
Unleash the flavour with a smoker BBQ this summer

Transform your cooking experience with a BBQ smoker 

Summertime gatherings are just around the corner and nothing says summer fun like the tantalizing aroma of smoked delicacies at a BBQ with family and friends. 

Why not make this the year of mastering the art of a smoker BBQ and turning simple ingredients into mouthwatering masterpieces?

Begin the journey by exploring the perfect smoker BBQ for your needs. The fuel you choose, the food you smoke, and the secret family recipe for brine and marinades all play a role in transforming your cooking session into an unforgettable experience, but don’t forget the quality and type of smoker itself plays an important part in making your meals a roaring success.

Size and portability

Firstly, consider how you will want to use your smoker.  Will it be a fixture in the family outdoor entertaining area?  Or is something portable more your style, so you can take it along on picnics or camping?  And what cooking capacity will you need - how many guests do you expect to cater for at a time?  

Your answers to these questions of portability and capacity will decide the size of smoker you require and if features like handles and wheels are required. Smokers can also come with extra features like side shelves, warming racks, and ash removal systems. Which of these will suit your cooking style?

How construction and materials impact smoking

Maintaining heat, temperature control and airflow are crucial aspects of smoking food.  A well-built smoker, made from high-quality materials like heavy-gauge steel or durable ceramic, will retain heat better and last longer, providing consistent results over time. 

Likewise, reliable and adjustable vents or dampers that allow you to regulate the airflow and maintain a consistent cooking temperature are essential. Over-smoking is a rookie error as too much smoke can overwhelm the dish and give it a bitter taste. A gentle, steady stream of smoke is all that’s needed to achieve that delectable smokiness - it's the quality, not the quantity of smoke that matters.

Additionally, a well-insulated smoker with tight-fitting seals on doors and lids prevents heat and smoke from escaping, delivering better control of smoke and improving heat retention and fuel efficiency.

Mastering the Fire

Hand-in-hand with managing the smoke during smoking, controlling the fire is also a crucial skill. Aim for a consistent temperature throughout the cooking process. Your smoker will need a reliable thermometer to monitor the smoker's internal temperature and you’ll also need a food thermometer to keep an eye on the meat's temperature. If your smoker is well insulated, with good seals and adjustable air vents, you’ll be able to maintain a steady flow of oxygen to keep the fire at optimal levels.

Common options for fuel include charcoal, wood, propane, and electricity. Each has its advantages and unique flavor profiles, so pick one that aligns with your cooking preferences.

Mastering a smoker BBQ is an exhilarating journey filled with savoury discoveries. With the right equipment, patience, and passion, you'll soon be delighting friends and family with the most succulent and smoky dishes they've ever tasted. 

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