H and S Metalctaft: Australian Flag
Holding on to the art of quality craftsmanship

Hand-crafted and Aussie-made

In a world where mass production overshadows the art of quality craftsmanship, at H&S Metalcraft we’re delighted to see a continuing appreciation for products that are meticulously made and proudly carry the "Made in Australia" label.

At H&S Metalcraft we are an Australian-owned, family-run business located in picturesque Jervis Bay in NSW. Specializing in hand-pressed outdoor fire pits and braziers we are the sole Australian producer of such uniquely hand-crafted pieces.

As a skilled blacksmith-artist, owner Tim creates and manufactures each piece from conception to completion in a workshop kitted out with a full range of equipment including a fibre laser, 5-axis waterjet, sheet roller, 200 tonne press and a press brake.   

The advantage of this is that every handpressed fire pit or brazier created can be fully customised to meet a client’s own needs. Whether the customer has their own design ideas, preference for material or finish, or specific size requirements to perfectly complement their outdoor living space. All can be accommodated. 

Understanding the benefit to the local economy and community buying Australian-made delivers, we continue this commitment in our own supply chain, sourcing raw materials exclusively from Australian manufacturers like BlueScope Steel.

This combination of being crafted individually and using locally-sourced, quality materials delivers an exceptional product that withstands the test of time. The durability and longevity these products bring to your outdoor space reduces the need for frequent replacements, contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally-conscious choice.

Don’t just buy a fire pit. Invest in a piece of quality craftsmanship and bring artistry, passion and longevity into your outdoor entertaining space by choosing Australian-made. Get in touch today to discuss your needs.