Fire crackling in a corton steel brazier fire pit at night
Update your outdoor area with a brazier fire pit
Embrace winter ‘24 with a custom-designed outdoor fire pit Reading Update your outdoor area with a brazier fire pit 2 minutes

Landscaped gardens and open-air spaces add value to any property.

Now’s a great time to give your backyard a facelift with your own brazier fire pit … and of course it will give you the perfect excuse to invite friends and family around to roast marshmallows.

Functional design and flexibility

A brazier can keep you warm in winter and create a cozy atmosphere in summer making it a great addition to your outdoor space all year long.  Either create a dedicated fire pit area with outdoor furniture or, if space is at a premium, move it around as you wish. With its functional design, you can set it up anywhere in the garden or a paved area without causing fire damage to the ground or having to worry about how to dispose of the embers.

How to use a brazier fire pit

You can safely burn solid fuels in your metal brazier; for example dry wood, paper, synthetic char or charcoal. Removable BBQ plates for cooking over an open fire are an option too, letting you enjoy the best part of camping by simply stepping out into your backyard! 

Reduce fire risk

An outdoor brazier fire pit is safer and easier to manage than an open fire. Sturdy legs keep the hot brazier off the lawn or pavers, maintaining a safe distance from flammable materials and preventing unwanted fires from starting. We recommend using seasoned wood, which is easy to light and gives off a lot of heat without creating much smoke.

At H&S Metalcraft we have a diverse selection of corten steel brazier fire pits to choose from, all Australian-made. If you can’t find the right one for your outdoor space, we can make a custom brazier fire pit piece for you!